Sunken City  


Pressure Album

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1. Freedom Riot
2. Youth Taker
3. Ciudad Hundada
4. Tattoo Blues
5. Ask
6. The Profit
7. Pressure
8. Bluffing
9. The Rhythm
10. Last Time
11. Sistema
12. Don't Stop
13. Under Attack
14. Olvidaste
15. With All This Pain
16. Today
17. Olvidaste (Reprise)
18. Last Time (Acoustic)


Tattoo Blues:

I woke up this mornin’ and I had no clue.
That later, later just what I would do.
But when Mario phoned me somehow I knew,
That when I turned 23 I would have art for proof.

So on this Sunday, Sunday afternoon,
We went pick up some booze.
He drew it, we drank a corona or two,
Before I knew it, I was getting a tattoo.

Tattoo blue, tattoo blue,
I’ve got the tattoo blues.
Tattoo blues, tattoo blues.

I was in a black room,
Gettin’ my new tattoo.
And it hurt like shit to,
Watchin’ Friday, with Ice Cube.

My mama, oh she thinks I’m a fool,
Cuz my bodies so full of tattoos.
But all my friends, Oh they’ll drool.
Over Pinchi Alan’s… Pinchi Alan’s tattoo!

- Sunken City


Song Credits:

Mario De Alba - Lyrics, Vocals, & Lead Guitar

Zionna Munoz - Lyrics & Inspiration

Robert Rios - Acoustic Guitar & Backup Vocals

Joey Simeoni - Drums

David Rivas - Bass Guitar

Willy Ibarra - Key Boards