Sunken City  


Pressure Album

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1. Freedom Riot
2. Youth Taker
3. Ciudad Hundada
4. Tattoo Blues
5. Ask
6. The Profit
7. Pressure
8. Bluffing
9. The Rhythm
10. Last Time
11. Sistema
12. Don't Stop
13. Under Attack
14. Olvidaste
15. With All This Pain
16. Today
17. Olvidaste (Reprise)
18. Last Time (Acoustic)


Don’t ask me why people are dying,
And don’t ask me why there are people crying.
We can’t lose our composure,
We’ve got too much to loose.
For the life that we live is up to you...

Day by day you sit and wait,
Searchin’ for that answer you think comes your way.
But they will tell you what you want to hear,
When them pockets are empty and you’re full of fears.
So make that change,
Complacency now, tomorrow no gain.
But what to do with that life you lead,
Will you be a clone or just be spoon fed.

So never bow to no weakness,
We  never bow no.
You never bow to your weakness...

Don’t you tell me,
Don’t you ask me,
When you know, when you know.
Pero you don’t want to listen when the truth has been spoken,
Comfortable complainin’ while your children’s wills are broken.
Problem, no no, there’s no problem here,
It can’t be my fault that juniors left in tears.
Full of fears, not a physical pain,
But that this world has nothin left for him to gain.

With a system corrupted and a substance socially destructive,
We strive to survive day by day and keep productive.
Digressed to un-awareness and careless,
Bar codes and wars, who’s to blame for this mess?
We drive drunk, we fight, we rape,
Destroyin’ ourselves blind, to the world that we create.
In this system we’re bred and if you’ve learned you come to hate,
Ignorance is bliss but we decide our own fate.

So when the lights turn you’ll never go back,
to no life of forgiveness, no life half off track.
But pick and choose what you want to see,
Share with me first and tell me your needs.
And now you lost your direction,
yes you take the world down, yes you’re pulling me down.
And now you need motivation, so don’t get left behind.
So don’t get stuck behind.

- Sunken City


Song Credits:

Robert Rios - Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Backup Vocals

Rick Andersen - Lyrics, Vocals, & Backup vocals

Mario De Alba - Lyrics, Vocals, Lead Guitar, & Backup Vocals

Joey Simeoni - Drums

David Rivas - Bass Guitar

Willy Ibarra - Key Boards