Sunken City  
Sunken City Album Picture


The Band:
    Other contributing artist:
- Vocals & Acoutstic Guitar   Alan Padilla
- Vocals & Electric Guitar   Rick Andersen
- Drums   Tom D.
David Rivas
- Bass   Angelique Zargari
- Key Boards   Wendy Violet
    Robert Conrad
      Kael Sharp




Sunken City combines the sons of San Pedro, Long Beach, Lynwood, and Sahagun Hidalgo to bring you this sound. We as part of the people represent the people and bring to light the struggle and pain of the people. Things that others choose not to see. We love our country for the fact that it was built on "we the people". Slowly our rights are being stripped from us, so we as "the People" Need to speak up. We don't know what we have untill it's gone and the injustice is on our door step. Our Infuence is the struggle of people around the world.








Too consumed in the rat race to notice rising waters,

Complacent till it fills our homes,

swepted away by the mainstream detered from the truth,

drowned by the flood of injustice,

we become a sunken city.


Consumidos en nuestras vidas cotidianas sin notar el aqua suviendo,

Esidia que llena los hogares,

Arrastrados por la corriente del medio comercial lejos de la verdad,

Ahogados por la inundacion de la injusticia,

Nos conbertimos en una ciudad hundida.


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