Sunken City  


Pressure Album

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1. Freedom Riot
2. Youth Taker
3. Ciudad Hundada
4. Tattoo Blues
5. Ask
6. The Profit
7. Pressure
8. Bluffing
9. The Rhythm
10. Last Time
11. Sistema
12. Don't Stop
13. Under Attack
14. Olvidaste
15. With All This Pain
16. Today
17. Olvidaste (Reprise)
18. Last Time (Acoustic)


Youth Taker:

I thought it’d be the last time,
That you’d hurt me…
I can’t escape this feeling,
When I know where I belong…
And I’d tell I know better,
When you know I can’t be strong.
So, why you come around me?
When you know it hurts so much,
And like the knife you choose to thrust into me.
And I don’t know why you take the time to call on the line,
Just to see me go insane, just to know that I’m in pain.

When you know how it burns,
When you know how it hurts…

You’re youth taker,
When you lie and you cheat now you get no sympathy.
Heart breaker,
Still you cry like you’re feelings are real.
You’re a fool maker,
Still pretend to come in as if nothing is wrong.
Soul taker,
You’re taking souls like they’re yours for the rest of all time.

So why pretend that you care,
When you don’t even know me know more.
Then you know yourself,
And you know words don’t mean a thing.
Cause words all blow in the wind…

So why do you come back torture me,
Why do you come back to bother me…

- Sunken City



Song Credits:

Robert Rios - Lyrics, Vocals, & Acoustic Guitar

Mario De Alba - Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Joey Simeoni - Drums & Backup Vocals

David Rivas - Bass Guitar

Willy Ibarra - Key Boards

Wendy Violet - Backup Vocals

Angelique Zargari - Backup Vocals