Sunken City  


Pressure Album

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1. Freedom Riot
2. Youth Taker
3. Ciudad Hundada
4. Tattoo Blues
5. Ask
6. The Profit
7. Pressure
8. Bluffing
9. The Rhythm
10. Last Time
11. Sistema
12. Don't Stop
13. Under Attack
14. Olvidaste
15. With All This Pain
16. Today
17. Olvidaste (Reprise)
18. Last Time (Acoustic)


With all this pain:

With all this pain that I knew I should hide,
Just couldn’t relax and hear you so softly crying.
But all alone I’ve been true and well I try too hard yes,
But now I am tired baby, for these games have gone too long.

And I’ve gotta go away from this,
I’ve gotta to go and find, that little peace of mind yes.
I’ve gotta go away from this,
That I’m trying too hard or it’s time for moving on.

Will I feel the same as these days go by,
Or will I fall astray.
With me I take these memories,
Cuz I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to forget this.

With all this pain that I felt inside,
And never ever been untrue and yet accuse of lie.
So, with all this pain that I’ve held inside,
Now should I ever think of you and forget your lies.
Or even that heart you broke, yes all the days we’d fight.

And now we’re moving on,
Yes now we’re moving on,
Oh now we’re moving on,
but now we’re moving on, yeah…

- Sunken City


Song Credits:

Robert Rios - Lyrics, Vocals, & Acoustic Guitar

Mario De Alba - Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals

Joey Simeoni - Drums

David Rivas - Bass Guitar

Willy Ibarra - Key Boards